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Darl Grooters graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts from Kendall College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, with a double major in Interior Design and Furniture Design. Darl has 15 years of residential design experience. Starting his own firm 10 years ago, was the beginning of new discoveries.


The design firm Darl Grooters, LTD is noted for their ability to provide direction and leadership in order for each client to have a relaxing, enjoyable experience. A team approach is key to a successful design. By integrating the client’s functional requirements, architect’s philosophy, and designer’s sophisticated taste level, we strive to complete the client’s total expectations.


Darl and his staff consider a blending of many styles from, traditional to contemporary, with a “less is more” approach. Every residence reflects the client’s lifestyle.


Darl Grooters, LTD works in all aspects of residential design from exterior specifications to interior details. We specialize in custom furniture design, built-in cabinetry, custom floor designs, and integrated home systems to make our client’s home truly unique.

Our projects range from Chicago’s newest high-rises and throughout the Great Lakes area to Miami and New York.



Darl Grooters

Design Assistant

Jamie Burfield

Billing Specialist

Jon Kristinat
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